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    Welcome to GST 125: Contemporary Health Issues

    Course Description

    GST 125: Contemporary Health Issues; is a two unit course which comprises of 10 study sessions. We will be discussing one study session per week and it is expected that you would have gone through the study session before coming to class. Each study session will give you a deep understanding on the following:

    1. Diet, exercise and health, nutritional deficiency diseases, malaria, other infections, hypertension, organ failure, air-borne diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, cancer and its prevention, sickle cell disease. 
    2. HIV/AIDS: Introduction, epidemiology of HIV, natural history of HIV infection, transmission of predisposing factors to HIV, Impact of HIV/AIDS on the society, management of HIV infection, prevention of HIV. 
    3. Drugs and Society: sources of drugs, classification of drugs, dosage forms and routes of drug administration, adverse drug reactions, drug abuse and misuse, rational drug use and irrational drug use. 
    4. Human kinetics and health education: personal care and appearance, exercise and health, personality and relationship, health emotions, stress, mood modifiers, refusal to tobacco, alcohol and other psychoactive drugs.

    It is expected that you attempt your quizzes before due date and submit your assignment on time. I wish you all the best.